Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I have realized this week that getting back to "normal" doesn't just magically happen.
It takes time and work and maybe a little patience.
Patience with myself, which isn't always easy.

Bachelor Pad this week was "interesting".  For the challenge the girls and guys competed in synchronized swimming and the boys killed it but I recommend that not be something they brag about.  I'm not even going to discuss who won or went on dates because really, who cares?  The only thing here really worth discussing is why ABC thought it was ok to end the episode the way they did. One second I am watching on the edge of my seat to see who gets the final rose and the next second I'm watching the mask swim around in the pool.

Really ABC?  The ending was that good that it is worth waiting until next week? I highly doubt it, unless it contains Kasey getting kicked off and never being seen again which unfortunately I don't think it does.

 ABC family has really sped things up in the last few episodes of Pretty Little Liars which gives me hope that it won't be 5 years until we find out who A is.  In "I Must Confess" the girls finally tell their therapist all about A.  Some slightly interesting stuff happens in between but the ending leaves us with a phone call from the therapist saying she knows who A is but when the girls go to meet her she is gone...

While I have been watching The Lying Games I have been having this "I've seen this before" feeling.  Finally I figured out what it was I kept thinking of.

A good old Disney Channel original called Model Behavior that starred Justin Timberlake and Maggie Lawson.  Little did I know ten years ago when I watched this movie over and over again that the star of it would be cast in probably my all time favorite show, Psych.
If I remember correctly the girls in this weren't actually twins but just happened to look exactly alike.  Throughout the movie they switch back and forth and Justin Timberlake most likely says a bunch of cheesy lines.

Now I can move on and enjoy The Lying Games without having that nagging feeling the entire time.

Fun tidbit that possessionista pointed out, Mads dress that she hid the tags so she could take it back and send the money to her brother in California was from H&M and most likely cost like $12.

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