Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

On Pretty Little Liars this week we learned not to trust the completely gorgeous brother of your recently deceased BFF.  He is more then likely sneaking in your room at night and snapping some lovely up close pictures for his creepy garage dark room.  Which in the end dissapoints me because I was definetely rooting for an Aria Jason relationship, I'm getting a little tired of good old Ezra.  Also this new plot change with Jason shows why they changed from creepy original Jason (on left) to hunky Jason (on right).  How disturbing would this be if it was the Jason on the left sneaking into Aria's room?  Somehow it seems kinda ok with hunky Jason.

Glee has cast Vanessa Lengies who will be a new freshman student named Sugar.
Check out the rest of the story {here}

Apparently Ben (who was the one not chosen on The Bachellorette) is a frontrunner for next season of the Bachelor with Ames falling close behind in a voter poll. Unfortunately there is something seriously wrong with America though because Ryan was not far behing Ames... Really people? A whole season of Ryan???? I don't think I could watch that.

Season finale of Next Food Network Star is Sunday night.  Who are you rooting for?  I'm pushing for Jeff but would be ok with Suzy.

And just because, here is one of my all time favorites.
This is Cookie, the ticklish penguin.

Have you heard of GMH? It is a site where people write in simple little stories that "give them hope"  This is one was my favorites this week.
(lgmh= love gives me hope)

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