Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: Kerri Ann Handmade Errand Runner

A while back while browsing around on etsy I came across Kerri Ann Handmade.  She makes the cutest little wallets that hold all the essentials; phone, cash, ID, and credit cards. 

Here's mine... too cute right?

Production time for the wallets takes about 3 weeks and shipping was super fast.  The wallets are $32 and shipping in the US is $3.50

Perfect spot to hold your phone.

Plenty of room to have a little extra cash, ID, and whatever other essentials you need.

I am a huge purse kinda girl and carry just about everything I could possibly need with me at all times but sometimes when I just have to run up the road really quick I don't want to lug all of that with me.  That is when this little guy comes in handy, I grab it out of my purse and it already has everything I need and I am ready to roll.

I am already thinking these would be the perfect Christmas gift for some of the people on my list that are a little harder to buy for.

I will also admit I am already eyeing a new one she put up on her shop.

Loving this yellow and grey

I give them two thumbs up! The quality is awesome and I can't wait to order some more as gifts!

Go check out Kerri Ann's Shop and let me know what your favorite is!

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